Want to avoid an emotionally and financially devastating breakup with your wife? The letters in this collection are written to remind her of the love that brought the two of you together and kept you that way for as long as it did. They appeal to her better angels—even though it’s the dark demons who have her ear right now and would love nothing more than to see her drag you through divorce court.

Divorce court. Where the deck is outrageously stacked against guys like you. Where you stand to lose HALF or more of all your hard-earned dollars in spousal support. Where you’ll be lucky if you get to be a continuing influence in the lives of your kids (even though you’ll be paying through the nose for their provisioning).

These letters—aimed at saving your marriage and keeping you out of divorce court—cost a teeny tiny fraction of what the judge will probably order you to shell out if your wife goes through with the proceedings. Will they work? Well, given the slaughter you’re headed into, they’re certainly worth a try.
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  • Please Help Me Be Better for Us (FULL VERSION)
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